The Stealth S.S.A.® | Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why do I need to charge the battery before the first use?
The Stealth S.S.A.® uses a lithium battery. These batteries require a full charge before the first use of the product for the batteries to function at their optimal use. The can be charged for 4 hours or overnight. The red light (seen while charging) will turn off when the unit is completely charged.

2) How do I know if the battery is fully charged?
While the Stealth S.S.A.® is being charged, there is a red light on the unit. When the red light goes off, the battery is fully charged. (See instruction manual page 6 for details on charging your unit.)

3) Will the light turn green when battery is fully charged?
No, the light will turn off when fully charged and the unit is in the off position. When the unit is turned on again, the green light will re-appear on the unit.

4) How can I get it to fit in my ear properly?
The Stealth S.S.A.® comes with three different style ear tips. Start with the smallest tip and see how the unit fits. If the unit is loose, try the next larger size tip until you find a tip that fits comfortably in your ear. Use the flexible foam earpiece to wrap around the outer ear to hold the unit at the desired position.

5) How do I clean the Stealth S.S.A.®?
You can wipe the unit with a clean wet cloth. Do not immerse the unit in water or it will destroy the battery and possibly cause electric shock.

6) How do I clean the Stealth S.S.A.® soft ear tips?
You can wash the soft ear tips in a bowl of warm water and wipe clean with a cloth.

7) Why is there a high pitched noise?
Audio feedback may be caused when the Stealth S.S.A.® earpiece is ex­posed to its own super-sensitive microphone. Feedback is normal, however, repeated and/or prolonged occurrences should be avoided. To prevent audio feedback, remember to switch OFF the before placing it into, or removing it from, your ear.

8) Why is the unit not holding a charge?
The Stealth S.S.A.® will hold a charge up to 10 hours. If your unit is not holding the charge, it could be because it was not properly charged the initial four hours prior to the first use.

9) Will the Stealth S.S.A.® work with my cell phone?
The Stealth S.S.A.® is an audio amplification device. While the unit is cleverly disguised as a cell phone earpiece, it is not intended to be compat­ible with any phones on the market and does not work in conjunction with cell phones.


Additional Ear Tips: $2.00/pack of three (includes postage)
Battery Charger: $19.95/charger plus $6.95 UPS, total: $26.90
Stealth S.S.A.®: $39.95/unit plus $6.95 UPS, total: $46.90

To request replacement parts, include a check or money order for the ap­propriate amount payable to KAGAN Unlimited with a letter specifying the item you require to:

Stealth S.S.A.® Replacement Parts

c/o KAGAN Unlimited
3336 West Lawrence Avenue, Suite 301
Chicago, IL 60625

Please Note: Requests submitted without proper payment will not be fulfilled. Please allow 4 weeks for processing all requests for replacements and replacement parts.


To receive a credit or a refund for Stealth S.S.A.® faulty unit, you must return that unit, with proof of purchase, where the product was purchased. Only the company that sold you the product is able to refund or credit your account. The authorized sellers of the Stealth S.S.A.® have the right to re­fuse a refund at their sole discretion. Please refer to your proof of purchase, packing slip, or receipt to determine where you should return your product and the specific authorized dealers statements and policies.

To request a replacement for a Stealth S.S.A.® unit that has been purchased by you from the manufacturer, please return the unit with proof of purchase and a letter stating the reason for your return to:

Stealth S.S.A.® Replacement Parts

c/o KAGAN Unlimited
3336 West Lawrence Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625

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