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StealthSSA_starStealthSSA_starStealthSSA_starStealthSSA_starStealthSSA_star Thanks for a Great Product

“I bought this amplifier for my 89 year old mother as other types never seemed to work very long and she had a hard time changing batteries. As this amplifier had a charger like a cell phone, I decided to try it. Well, mother just loves it. Likes the fact that it looks like an (expensive cell phone earpiece) and not a hearing device. AND, no batteries to change! Several of her Church friends have now purchased this item too! Thanks for a great product.”

StealthSSA_starStealthSSA_starStealthSSA_starStealthSSA_starStealthSSA_star Useful and Nicely Made

“I definitely recommend the Stealth as a very nice little tool to help your ears do their best. And how I am helped? I can hear microwave popcorn popping, my refrigerator revving up, and of course, the vacuum cleaner. Simple sounds can mean a lot!”

StealthSSA_starStealthSSA_starStealthSSA_starStealthSSA_star Great!

“Recently I had both ears plugged from a cold. It was some time before I could see a doctor. I purchased this amplifier to keep from having to turn up the TV so loud. It worked very well and I would recommend it to anyone.”

StealthSSA_starStealthSSA_starStealthSSA_starStealthSSA_starStealthSSA_star Excellent Product

“I use it every day, and I really like the rechargeable factor. I would absolutely recommend it and would buy it again.”