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The Stealth S.S.A.® is the original personal sound amplifier cleverly disguised as an expensive cell phone ear piece! The lightweight and compact design of The Stealth S.S.A.® makes it comfortable to wear during your normal, daily routine. It has a soft foam handle that fits snuggly over the ear; so comfortable you may even forget you’re wearing it!

With its precision engineering and style, The Stealth S.S.A.® will help you hear what you’ve been missing using directional amplification. Don’t be fooled by inferior imitations: Other brands use tiny, button cell batteries that are difficult to insert and remove and last between 3 – 6 hours (at the most). Because this power source is unreliable, you will never know when or where your hearing device might fail! The Stealth S.S.A.® personal sound amplifier includes Rechargeable Lithium Batteries and UL listed charger so you can feel secure that the Stealth S.S.A.® will last through your busy day – up to 10 hours!

The Stealth S.S.A.® comes with three sizes of soft tips that can be worn in the right or left ear to give you a perfect fit. Never again feel embarrassed about asking someone to repeat themselves – you will have heard it all the first time!