Stealth S.S.A.® is the ORIGINAL sound amplifier disguised as an expensive cell phone ear piece.

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Stealth SSA®

"I can hear everything so clearly now, I am absolutely thrilled!"

"I love its style - small and sleek, perfect for my executive lifestyle."

Lifetime Rechargeable Lithium Battery included!

Remember: Don't be fooled by inferior imitations. The Stealth S.S.A.®. is the original audio amplification device disguised as an expensive cell phone ear piece, combining ergonomic design with a revolutionary sound amplification system at an affordable price. The Stealth S.S.A.® uses lithium batteries that you can rely on for the whole day. Other brands use tiny, button cell batteries that are difficult to insert and remove and last between 3 - 6 hours (at the most). Because this power source is unreliable, you will never know when or where your hearing device might fail! Our product consistently outlasts and outperforms its competitors.

If mention of a conventional hearing aid makes you feel self-conscious, consider the first personal audio amplification device that combines an ergonomic design with a discreet, professional look at an affordable price. The Stealth S.S.A.® stands for "secret sound amplifier". Using a revolutionary sound amplification system that is both affordable and discreet. Designed to look like an expensive cell phone earpiece, the Stealth S.S.A.® will allow you to hear clearly and comfortably. With the Stealth S.S.A.® you will hear conversations up to 50 feet away for a full 10 hours, without compromising your active lifestyle or the things that you enjoy.

The Stealth S.S.A.® is proudly manufactured by Kagan Unlimited. It is made of high quality components that are lightweight and compact. The soft foam handle fits all ear sizes securely and can be worn on the right or left ear. The Stealth S.S.A.® comes with rechargeable batteries and a UL listed charger for a power source that lasts all day!  No matter where you are or what you are doing, you’ll be able to hear every whisper loud and clear.

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